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Minding the Outlet Store Monday and Wednesdays at ComputerCorps in Carson City, Nevada

Preaching at the 11 AM services Sunday, December 9th at Valley Presbyterian Church in Bishop, California




ComputerCorps Christmas Prayer

I spend my days helping out as Technical Director at ComputerCorps in Carson City. I was asked to provide a prayer for the annual Christmas Lunch for Volunteers and Workers.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the joy of the Christmas season.
Bless the food and those who prepared it
in this special time to celebrate the love and compassion
that was born that first Christmas Day.

We celebrate Christmas blessings in the place of year round blessings
The gifts in this room are not food and prizes alone
but people who reach out every day to help one another and the community
striving to do good better every day.

Thank you for this awesome team,
please bless each one here with a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.



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