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Growing a Small Church

I’ve responded to some questions from a church that I thought I would share here.

What have you learned in your current church that would help you to grow a small church?

I am part of a team that went from 700 out of 1100 in ratings to a Number 1 ranking of all Geek Squads in the nation. Our team leader did this by stressing our one job was to make sure that every client had a good experience at Best Buy.

Everyone we dealt with at Geek Squad was having a bad day; their computer was broken and they didn’t know what to do other than come to us for help. All were at a lost, most were sad, some were angry, a couple wanted to direct and correct me, Geek Squad, Microsoft or the laws of physics.  I did well, and was the go to person to convert a “detractor” to least to a “passive” or even a “promoter”.

1 Peter 4:9-10 tells us that Hospitality is rooted in God’s grace. It is a form of service to others. I would apply the attitude of customer service, hospitality, I lived at Geek Squad to the lost, sad, angry, and even demanding folks who come to service.

I would also prepare, execute, and follow up major events in the year. We had so much training for Black Friday to be ready for visitors. I would seek to prepare for church shoppers on our big days, not only Christmas and Easter but also Mother’s Day the third biggest day for church visiting. I would seek to have  faithful and fun follow ups to make the Sunday after these high holy days not be a let down.

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